“The Music In Me is a gentle and most moving masterpiece filled with the joy and the pain of human nature. It is the exquisite rendering of the stories of mothers and their children that makes this film truly memorable.

For some parents the birth of a child who is different, physically or intellectually, is soul destroying.But others discover what it really means to be human.

One mother and her daughter who have no disability in their family set an inspiring example by taking on the task of organising this special troupe of performers, all of them with unique and sometimes demanding personalities.

The depth of feeling expressed by some parents who know they will outlive their children, the preciousness of the time shared and the happiness that flows from the music and dance is a profound experience for every viewer of this remarkable story.

The Merry Makers are a wonderful extended family drawn together by a great love of music and dance. For many years they have won the admiration of audiences and also the musicians and professional singers who find sharing the stage with these performers a life changing experience.

In an age where fear of difference is widespread this celebration of the beauty of the many shades of human longing and creativity is to be prized."

Jeff McMullen - Journalist, Author, Human Rights Activist

“I thought it was just outstanding and there were several messages that came through.

For any parent who has been blessed with a surprise at the birth of a child, it is impossible not to relive the emotion that the film evokes - of course the surrounding family is caught up in this as well.

… it is hard to imagine what you could have done better. Beautifully filmed by the way and I felt it captured all of the emotions that come with being part of the "perfect little world" that is the Merry Makers. 

Very raw at times but then utter joy to see the performance at the Entertainment Centre".

Geoff Rimmer- Managing Director, Financial Services Partners

“The Music In Me is an amazing documentary. You cannot help but get absorbed by the truly inspiring stories of strength and courage as told by the parents and carers of their disabled children. The story of the Merry Makers and its beginning, and how that organization has united these families in a joyous way through music and dance, raises and highlights the ability in all. It shows the generosity of time and self, by firstly Rosie, and now Lucinda as an immeasurable gift to a truly special group of people."

Christine O’Connor

“I thought the film was very moving and beautifully made. there was a feeling of great sensitivity about it. It does convey all the love, affection, hurt, tragedy and respect for those around us who are part of this family."

Lyn Sparrow

“It is an uplifting and inspirational documentary which left everyone with teary eyes. Congratulations on making the film and sharing it with the world."

Jonathan W N Quan

“I was absolutely blown away by the documentary.  I loved the way it was a rollercoaster of emotions and provoked feelings of absolute love for all the people involved in the Merry Makers story.  My sisters have both been involved in Merries for over 10 years and even though I have never been directly involved in Merries I have always gone to the concerts and other social events, so watching the movie and seeing faces that are so familiar was extremely entertaining and very moving.  I felt the movie was pulled together extremely well with the in depth interviews of the families, their initial struggles and ultimately the way Merries has changed their lives.  The movie was extremely well told, and provoked enough sad and happy tears for it to be movie that could be enjoyed by everyone, even those who have no idea that Merries exists.

It was my favourite movie of 2006, I have already told whoever will listen how much I loved it and I cant wait to see it again."

Phillipa Aiken

“A superb production. A documentary that gets to the heart of the stories and beauty of these special people and their families. Being the mum of a son with Down syndrome has brought us much joy, happiness and at times challenges. One of the greatest gifts John has contributed to our family has been the opportunity to meet so many superb people on our journey. I particularly refer to the Merry Makers. John has given us this gift of being able to become members of a magnificent community. A community that has given John many hours of pleasure doing what he loves most -dancing and performing. We have meet many new friends, found great support and John's skills of commitment and self discipline have been greatly improved along with the development of a wonderful sense of achievement and a confidence boost.

 I believe Merry Makers is integral to who John is and has become and I don't know what John would do without this wonderful group that puts so much into his life."

Pat Williams


Lea Joris

“Seeing The Music In Me was the first experience that I had of meeting the Merry Makers. I was deeply touched and moved by the commitment and inspiration that these talented performers expressed.
I found myself tearing up at profound moments and then bursting into laughter the next, it was an absolute delight to switch from one emotion to the other in a matter of moments. This film moved me in such a humble and joyous way. See the film as soon as you can!"

Nikki Lee – Managing Director, MU Creative