Director's Statement



The Merry Makers are unique; no dance group in the world is quite like them. When they perform, audiences don’t see intellectually and physically disabled people up on stage; they see confident and accomplished dancers beaming out at them. Audiences usually find themselves beaming too.

Beautiful as the concert experience is, however, there is so much more to the Merry Maker story. The more you learn about their lives away from the stage, and the family they have created together, the greater your admiration for them, and the greater your enjoyment of each and every moment of their performances.

As a filmmaker my job was straight forward; just turn up. The Merry Makers are so welcoming and enthusiastic, that filming rehearsals was like a reunion of best friends – every week they made me feel like I was the star of this show. When it came to interviewing and spending time with families, they were so willing to share their lives and personal moments that they often shocked themselves.

Every one of the seventy or so Merry Makers have a story to tell. There was only time for a handful in this film. My hope is that the pain, courage, love and hope in each story will move and uplift every viewer, and that the fun and joy in every performance will charm and delight people all over the world.